Close Up

Close up magic and mind reading is one of the most versatile performances options available. Also referred to as mix and mingle or table magic. The close up magician or mind reader is able to perform at virtually any event and any venue. The act is totally self contained and mobile, making it perfect for drinks receptions, in between courses at tables or standing events for corporate events, trade shows, VIP functions, product launches, weddings and private parties. Please read below for more details.

Close Up Magician and Mind Reader

As a close up magician and mind reader Spelmann is a leader in his field and what he achieves inches from peoples eyes often leaves even his fellow colleagues perplexed, he has even baffled ‘Psychics’ by replicating what they do and then some. A recent television appearance featured his metal bending demonstration and was watched by over 20 million people live. Spelmann’s style is contemporary, charming & organic, he not only amazes your guests but strikes up an instant rapport with his intriguing persona and humorous approach.

  • "Thank you so much, Marc's presentation for Maserati was fantastic and all I can say is believe the hype." Sean O’Connell – Maserati
  • "I cannot tell you how amazed we all were, genuinely fascinating to witness, he was pure class from start to finish." Mark Graham – BMW

What you will see is totally original, contemporary and cutting edge demonstrations of the improbable & impossible delivered by a consummate professional. Spelmann creates virtually everything he performs which means he offers a truly unique experience, which will amaze all who see it. Spelmann has been booked as a close up magician by companies such as Microsoft, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch through to performances for celebrities such as Jack Nicholson, Eric Clapton, Sir Bob Geldof and Hugh Grant. He has also performed for the British Royal family at Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace as well as the Saudi & French Royal families.

  • "Your performance was sensational, our evening reception for our VIP guests at was a great success." Delphine Kittlety – Princess Yachts
  • "Marc was simply superb at our expo, the crowds loved him, he was the talk of the whole two days." Debra Warrington – BBC Magazines

Drinks Reception Mix & Mingle Magician & Mind Reader

Spelmann can perform during drinks receptions or standing cocktail and canape events. He mingles with your guests, engaging them in some truly mesmerising demonstrations of the impossible, from astonishing sleight of hand to mind reading and the paranormal, a subject that fascinates us all whether we believe it to be real or not.

Wandering Table Magician & Mind Reader

Spelmann can perform around the tables during dinner, think of it as a mini stand up show at each table. He will invite guests to participate in the various demonstrations making them integral to the performance. His act is incredible and often leaves even the most skeptical minds bewildered. Please note he will not perform as people are actually consuming food, but rather wait until they are in between courses or have finished eating.

Static Table Magician & Mind Reader

For certain events it can be beneficial to have Spelmann at his own table where guests are able to join him throughout the event. This type of performance has an exclusive feel to it as guests sit with Spelmann for short sessions which are more intimate theatre as apposed to one or two quick demonstrations as in a mix and mingle performance.

After Dinner Close Up Magician & Mind Reader

A very popular option for intimate events is to have Spelmann join you and your guests just after dinner at your dinner table, this could be in a private room in a restaurant, a private function room, in your hotel suite or at your own home. Spelmann will entertain with his stunning after dinner show lasting up to an hour as you and your guests participate in a bespoke exclusive performance you will never forget. Spelmann has performed in this style for David Cameron prior to his election as Prime Minister.