Corporate Events

Entertainment within the corporate arena has become a fundamental part of the vast majority of events. From the intimate cocktail reception celebrating another successful year to the full evening awards gala for your international clients to the highly anticipated product launch or the bustling trade show floor where it is vital to make connections. Magic and Mind Reading is the most interactive and intriguing form of entertainment available, making it the perfect addition to virtually any corporate event. Please see options below.

Corporate Magician and Mind Reader

Corporate Drinks Receptions and Standing Events

Spelmann often performs during drinks receptions or standing cocktail and canape events. He introduces himself to your guests and then entertains them with some truly mesmerising demonstrations of the impossible, from astonishing sleight of hand to mind reading and the paranormal, a subject that fascinates us all whether we believe it to be real or not.

Corporate Functions and Dinners

If you are having guests seated at tables during dinner, Spelmann can visit each table in between courses. He entertains the entire table with demonstrations that defy logic. His act is incredible and often leaves even the most skeptical minds bewildered. Please note he will not perform as people are actually consuming food, but rather wait until they are in between courses or have finished eating.

Static Corporate Table Magician & Mind Reader

For larger corporate events with multiple attractions and activities, it can be beneficial to have Spelmann at his own table where guests are able to join him throughout the event. This type of performance has an exclusive feel to it as guests sit with Spelmann for short sessions which are more intimate theatre as apposed to one or two quick demonstrations.

  • "What a fantastic stage show, it really finished our night off perfectly. Marc Spelmann was utterly charming." Jo Hutchinson – Unilever
  • "Marc's magic was so unique, unlike anything we've seen before, not all magicians are the same." F Padgett – Royal Bank Of Scotland

Corporate Parlour ‘Stand Up’ Magician & Mind Reader

For events where you’d like more of a single show to all of your guests at once rather than a close up magic and mind reading session but space is limited, Spelmann presents his after dinner parlour act. The performance originates from the days of the Victorians where high society dinners would often have a private show after the meal. With a duration of up to 45 minutes the act is the perfect way to round off an evenings entertainment in an exclusive way.

“Your stage performance was brilliant, I genuinely have never seen our clients and team so bewildered and speechless. You had 500 people literally in the palm of your hand.” Emma Chrysanthou – UK-OUG

Corporate Cabaret Stage Show Magician & Mind Reader

Spelmann’s stage performances are simply amazing. He is a true showman, delivering a show that you’d expect to see in London’s West End or on Broadway. The show has been perfected over many years and contains demonstrations which have been exclusively conceived by Spelmann himself, making his show totally original.

  • "We had an outstanding trade fair at the NEC and much of that was down to Marc's brilliant act." Natasha Burnham – Money Corp
  • "Marc's mix and mingle performance was truly captivating, astonishing and in a class of it's own." Kassandra Leyton - PWC

Trade Show Magician and Mind Reader

Spelmann can generate crowds guaranteed, people will be amazed and your brand presented in a unique way to the thousands of potential costumers at any trade show or exhibition anywhere in the world. He personally tailors bespoke effects with your branding in mind and can even design magic incentives your clients can take away and perform themselves.

Team Building Magic and Mind Reading

Spelmann has presented multiple ‘workshops’ where employee’s learn some of the techniques he uses, from psychological ruses, magical principles through to memory techniques and optical illusion. It is a fun and informative event tailored to your specifications.

Product Launches and Promotions

Spelmann is the perfect entertainment option to add an element of exclusivity to your product launch. He has entertained the media and press as well as numerous celebrities at product launches for Jaguar, Dior, Dyson, Princess Yachts, Microsoft and the James Bond and Harry Potter franchises.