A mix and mingle performance is where the close up magician quite literally mixes with your guests. He introduces himself to a group of people, and then demonstrates a few close up effects for roughly 5 - 10 minutes depending on numbers, he then moves on to another group. A mix and mingle close up magician is excellent for drinks receptions, stand up events and cocktail parties.

Booking a mix and mingle Magician

Unlike most other forms of entertainment a mix and mingle magician requires no space, stage or designated area. In fact the magician uses small items that are typically carried on their person which makes a mix and mingle magician quite possibly the most versatile interactive act available.

Performing to small groups at a time with incredible demonstrations or the impossible and improbable literally inches in front of peoples eyes, a mix and mingle magician is always an excellent addition to any corporate event, wedding or private parties. The average amount of people a magician can interacte with during a two hour period is about 100 people, it is however possible to book for a longer period or if preferable book more than one magician to mix and mingle with your guests.