Parlour Show

A parlour performance, also referred to as a stand up performance and after dinner show, is suitable for small function rooms, private dinning areas and even in your own home. It is more elaborate than a close up mix and mingle performance as it is a show for everyone at once. However it has far fewer requirements than a full stage performance and can be tailored for small spaces and low guest numbers. Spelmann has modernised a form of entertainment hugely popular from the Victorian era for modern day audiences. See below for details.

Parlour Stand Up Magician & Mind Reader

Spelmann’s parlour, stand up and after dinner performances have become increasingly popular over the last ten years for more intimate functions. They create an exclusive feel to any event regardless of size and are perfect for when you would like a show for all of your guests at once but space maybe limited. This style of performance originates from the Victorian era where high society would often have a private show after dinner or when they retired to the parlour.

  • "Marc had every single one of the delegates totally transfixed with his fantastic parlour performance." French Chamber Of Commerce
  • "He is amazing! We hope to see him again at many more parties to come, I highly recommended him." Katherine Mills – Lionsgate Films

Spelmann has performed his parlour show ‘Unexplainable Acts’ in virtually every type of venue you could imagine, from hotel suites in Las Vegas, a wine cellar in France, at the Magic Circle in London and peoples homes both nationally and internationally. He has entertained from sixty guests right down to just four after a private dinner anniversary in Cannes. He astonished David Cameron shortly before his election as Prime Minister at a private celebration at Annabel’s in Berkley Square for twelve guests. Mr Cameron’s response was “Superb, truly superb.” after Spelmann read his mind and influenced his actions multiple times.

  • "Once again Spelmann left us all speechless with his performance. Everyone absolutely loved his new show." Adrian Brockhurst – Sony
  • "After the incredible response last year we knew we had to have Marc Spelmann back and he surpassed himself." Claire Tranter – Hewitt Associates

The performance is normally from 40 – 50 minutes in length but can be tailored to your requirements and is very interactive where everyone can experience some truly incredible demonstrations of mind reading, psychokinesis, precognition and astonishing displays of the impossible. Consider it an intimate close up theatre show in your own home or private function space. The show can be presented whilst standing in front of your guests if space permits or equally seated with you all at your dinning table.

“Without doubt the highlight of our conference, Spelmann was unbelievable. You could have literally heard a pin drop as he performed his fantastic act.” Lucy Buck – Zycko

‘Unexplainable Acts’ can be completely tailored to your event, space and amount of guests in attendance. Spelmann even presents a darker version of the show for the halloween period where things go bump in the night and you will be suitably horrified. The only thing to consider at any event is that noise levels are not excessive so everyone can hear easily. A private, relatively quiet space are ideal and will enable everyone to enjoy a unique entertainment experience.