“Spelmann has the ability of making you think it just might be real. Regardless of how he does it his performance was absolutely amazing!” Carly Adelle – The Times

“Seeing magic live is totally different, I was genuinely mesmerised by Spelmann’s act. I’m really not the easiest audience but he is absolutely fantastic, you simply have to see this.” Juliet Clark – The Guardian

“Spelmann was phenomenal, I genuinely thought I knew what to expect but after a few minutes I was aware this was going to be very different.” John Tennant – The Express

“I was then introduced to Spelmann who performed some of the most incredible mind reading I’ve ever witnessed, he is either a brilliant magician or the devil himself, I’m still unsure.” Sarah Donaldson – The Standard

“Spelmann’s contribution, skill and talent on our motion picture ‘Circus’ was amazing, we had more than enough footage and his cameo appearance in the opening titles looks fantastic.” Jonathan Berbick – Columbia Pictures

“As Spelmann entered the stage we all knew proceedings were going to become very strange. Well he certainly didn’t disappoint at all, there were fifty needles, 6 inch nails, wine and gagging, it was a little disturbing, hugely entertaining and simply outstanding.” Debra McNeal – Time Out

“I have to confess I tried so hard to see if I could spot anything, even the slightest clue as to how it might be done but there was nothing. I turned to him and said ‘I have to ask, is what you do trickery or some kind of supernatural ability? He didn’t answer.” Allan Robb – BBC Presenter

“The big screen on stage at the Bush gave an idea of what Marc Spelmann could look like on the small screen. The camera loves Spelmann & his bamboozling line in patter indicates that here is an enormous star in the making. This is a 21st-century take on a type of entertainment which dates back to the days of music hall. Mark Ritchie – The Stage

“I cannot call what you are doing ‘tricks’ this goes beyond conjuring or trickery. You have been quite simply one of the most incredible guests we have ever had on my show. It has been a hugely popular time and it would be amazing to have you back again.” Pete Murray – LBC Radio