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Welcome to the website of London Magician and Mind Reader Marc Spelmann.
For over 20 years Spelmann has been captivating audiences all over the world with his astonishing performances as a paranormal magician and mind reader. He has entertained celebrities, heads of state, the most influential corporate companies and Royalty at literally every type of event you could imagine, from corporate events as a corporate magician, Christmas parties, birthday celebrations and private dinner parties through to VIP events, celebrity bashes and even as a wedding magician on your special day. To see who he is, what he does and who for please take a moment to watch the movie above or visit the movie page as seeing is believing.

  • "The crowds at our annual Tech Ed exhibition in Berlin were mesmerised with Marc's amazing act." Ulrich Gersten – Microsoft
  • "An outstanding performance that exceeded our expectations and what we've had before." Rhiannon Davies - Jaguar

Imagine someone being able to apparently alter physical matter, transforming one object into another or telling you the name of the first person you ever kissed, your pin number or a random password that exists only in your mind. Imagine someone bending metal like it’s rubber by simply touching it or giving you the ability to actually bend metal without physical effort. You have just imagined Marc Spelmann, who’s reputation as a close up magician, table magician, parlour magician and stage magician is truly outstanding.

“It is not about tricks or puzzles, it’s about a moment that simply cannot exist yet it does, not on TV but live in front of your very eyes.” Marc Spelmann

Spelmann’s act leans towards the fascinating world of the paranormal separating him from most of his colleagues, his performances are void of bunny rabbits, sponge balls or anything cliche but instead are cutting edge, contemporary and unique. Spelmann creates an experience that is organic, even real at times with moments that truly defy logic, the laws of physics and what should be impossible. Spelmann weaves known and some unknown techniques with charm, humour and professionalism to create a wonderful experience.

  • "Spelmann totally blew my mind, absolutely amazing on every level and it really happened which is quite scary." Matt Willis - ITV
  • "You are incredible, I cannot call what you are doing ‘tricks’ this goes beyond conjuring or trickery." Pete Murray - LBC Radio

Spelmann’s offers various types of performance, as a close up magician and mind reader he is able to blend seamlessly with your guests as he astonishes during the drinks reception, he can then continue once guests are seated as a table magician and mind reader performing for guests in between courses.

Spelmann can perform as a parlour magician and mind reader either standing or seated with your guests. It is a style of performance which dates back to the days of the Victorian’s who would often have an after dinner show. It is ideal for smaller events where you’d like something exclusive and bespoke. Think of it as an intimate theatre performance for the entire room.

Spelmann’s stage show is a more elaborate performance much like you would see in a theatre and is aimed at larger events often utilising a stage and sound system. The performance times are tailored to the client but are usually up to 50 minutes in duration. The show is compelling, sometimes unnerving, always astonishing and sometimes funny. The audience are always treated kindly but are never mere observers, they are much more integral to his performances, which ultimately means that what you will witness will always be unique.

Performances are suitable for corporate events, private parties, weddings, trade shows, Christmas functions, product launches and more.